Rim Stickers - FAQ's

How many rim strips do you get in a set?

You receive 24 strips which is enough to do three complete wheels.

Do I need to take the wheels off to install the rimstripe?

You do not need to remove your wheels. There is a complete instructions on the packaging which explains how to install the rim stickers.
You also get eight extra rim stickers in case you make a mistake or they get damaged changing a tyre or wheel.

Can I get rim stickers in a different thickness?

Yes, we can supply them in either 8mm, 7mm, 6mm, 5mm or 4mm.
As we only stock 8mm, delivery may take an additional 2 days to make 4mm-12mm thickness.

Does the price include shipping?

See checkout for shipping details and pricing.  We offer Standard Post, Express Post and Courier Delivery.
The set includes 24 pre-cut rim stickers and instructions are on the front of the packaging.

What methods of payment do you accept? Do you accept Paypal?

We accept Paypal or Direct Debit. You can also purchase Rim Stickers from retail outlets.

Can I wash my wheels after installing the rim stickers?

Yes you can, it is best to avoid high pressure cleaners for at least two weeks.

Do you provide an installation service? How much does this service cost?

Yes, at this stage we only provide this service in Metropolitan Melbourne Victoria Australia.
Fitting charges start from $30.00. See stockist's for fitting locations.

How can I remove them?

The best method is to apply some heat to the rim sticker using a hair dryer or heat gun, some materials like reflective are very difficult to remove in long pieces.


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