Sprint Filter P08 Air Filter for Ducati Monster S2R S4R S4RS 400 620 695 800

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The Sprint Filter P08 polyester air filter is the culmination of more than 60 years of research, development, and experience at the highest levels of competition.

Sprint Filter P08 - The High Performance Polyester Air Filter

Replaces OEM part no. 42610101A, 42610111A, 42640021A

Model compatibility

Monster 4002003 – 2008
Monster 400 S I.E2004 – 2005
Monster 6202001 – 2006
Monster 6952007 – 2008
Monster 7502002
Monster S2R 8002005 – 2007
Monster S42001 – 2003
Monster S4R2003 – 2008
Monster S4RS2006 – 2008
Monster 10002003 – 2005
Monster S2R 1000   2006 – 2008


The Sprint Filter P08 polyester air filter is the culmination of more than 60 years of research, development, and experience at the highest levels of competition.

Tests show that P08 offers the best overall combination of performance, longevity and ease of maintenance of any off-the-shelf replacement filter.

More power AND better filtration

Cotton and foam air filters typically boast that they deliver more power than OEM filters through improved airflow. Which is often true; the performance of many bikes can be improved with increased air flow using cotton and foam filters. The problem is however that the improved airflow usually comes at the expense of filtration performance. And poor filtration is not good for engine longevity.

The deep-fold design of the Sprint Filter P08, combined with the ultra-fine but highly permeable polyester material, results not only in increased air-flow but also in superior filtration performance.

In dyno testing the Sprint Filter P08, the Next Gen BMW team saw a >1% power increase over a leading brand cotton "race" filter . And in Sprint Filter's own filtration testing, the Sprint Filter P08 filtered out 93.13% of 100-micron particles versus 76.42% of 100-micron particles trapped by a leading cotton air filter.


So where increased air flow will improve your bike's performance, P08 will take fullest advantage while also providing improved filtration, contributing to the longevity of your engine.

Improved Fuel Economy

P08's precision-manufactured, ultra-fine polyester filter element provides air flow that is more consistent than typical after-market cotton and foam filters. Air flow consistency helps the bike's ECU maintain the optimum air/fuel mix, resulting in improved fuel economy.

Virtually maintenance free

To clean your Sprint Filter P08, simply remove the filter from the airbox, blow it clean with compressed air, and re-insert it. No messy washing, after-market cleaners or oil treatments required, saving you valuable time and money!

Long lifecycle

Being man-made, the P08's polyester material will, if properly looked after, display no discernible deterioration or loss of structure or performance over the lifetime of your bike.

Build Quality

With 60 years of experience in producing air filters, and success at the highest levels of competition (including MotoGP, Moto3 and World SBK), you can be confident in the quality of materials and manufacture of your Sprint Filter P08 air filter.

Product Information Sheet

View Sprint Filter P08 product information sheet here


Sprint Filter
Bike Manufacturer:
  • Ducati
OEM Part Number:
42610101A, 42610111A, 42640021A

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